With the official announcement from Google on Monday 14th July titled 'Promoting modern websites for modern devices in Google search results', your site could now get a warning message right in the results page.

Google has updated its algorithm so that it now indicates if your website uses a lot of flash and gives a warning in the Google results page that it might not work properly.

Google exact wording is 'a page whose contents are mostly Flash' but gives no indication of what this means or how it calculates the results...

If your site falls foul of this update your listing in Google will look something like this:

This means you are going to get less traffic from the Google as people with devices that don't support flash can choose whether to visit without having to open up the site and then find bits don't work on their device.

With Google hogging just shy of 90% of UK search engine traffic, is it time to ditch flash and upgrade to HTML5?

Full story on webmaster tools blog...

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