With the latest Joomla 3.2 production release due on the 6 November one of the functions I am most looking forward to is the ability to automatically save versions of an article each time it is saved.

The version control is available in the article manage, category manager and the feature article manager.

Plus you can limit the number of saves so when this limit is reached Joomla will overwrite the last version in the list so it doesn't keep filing up with lots of old copies.

When you are editing an article a new tab appears called ‘versions’.

New version control button in Joomla 3.2

Version Notes

You can also add notes to the ‘version notes’ section on the right hand menu so you can recognise each different version in the version table.Version notes for version control joomla 3.2

The version history menu has a preview function where you can inspect each version and best of all there is a compare function where you see the differences between versions.

The latest version is highlighted with a gold star.

Joomla version history latest version

There is even the option to keep a version forever (in case you have set a save limit) so it will never be overwritten.

Plus you have the power to restore to an earlier version and if you do the gold star moves to the current version in the list.

Compare versions

The compare function is awesome and shows the differences and what has changed plus you can even preview the html code to see if something is missing.

Compare versions with joomlas new version control

The data is saved into the database so shouldn’t take up much room for those people worried about server space.

This is an awesome new feature for Joomla 3.2 and I can`t wait for the new update.

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