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I just happened to checked my code on my Wordpress 4.2 blog and noticed that there was lots of js and css that I hadn't added to my site.

Well my first thought was I'd been hacked but a quick search on Google showed that emojis and smileys support has been added out of the box in Wordpress 4.2.

For my own site I have no need to add this support so have looked around to see what I can do about removing unneeded js and css.

There are currently two options:

  1. Use a plugin
  2. Add some code to your functions.php file

With the official announcement from Google on Monday 14th July titled 'Promoting modern websites for modern devices in Google search results', your site could now get a warning message right in the results page.

Google has updated its algorithm so that it now indicates if your website uses a lot of flash and gives a warning in the Google results page that it might not work properly.

Have you noticed the steady rise of (Not Provided) as the number one organic search term in Google Analytics?

Google keyword [not provided]

This was due to Google's decision to start encrypting searches for people signed in and they were redirected to a HTTPS search page.

Now they have recently quietly announced that ALL search engine traffic will be encrypted so the (Not Provided) will eventually be all you can see in Google Analytics.

This is only for organic searches only.

What does this mean for small business?

This might seem like a blow, but it is not the end of the world as there are ways to find the data you need.

If you are using this data to track traffic to your site there are still a few options to get some keyword data.

With the latest Joomla 3.2 production release due on the 6 November one of the functions I am most looking forward to is the ability to automatically save versions of an article each time it is saved.

The version control is available in the article manage, category manager and the feature article manager.

Plus you can limit the number of saves so when this limit is reached Joomla will overwrite the last version in the list so it doesn't keep filing up with lots of old copies.

When you are editing an article a new tab appears called ‘versions’.

New version control button in Joomla 3.2

Turn off magic quotes

When I first attempted to install Joomla 3 on my shared host I received an error message in the pre installation check showing that magic quotes was switched on and I could not continue.

Not only does Joomla 3 not like magic quotes on installation, unless you follow the instructions below you will also get problems with image paths when using the CMS too.

The first 'fix' I found managed to get me passed the install.

However I soon found further issues with the Magic Quotes still being switched on.

Image path issue

If Magic Quotes is left on after Joomla 3 installation, when you save an article the editor will change the path to make the image disappear.

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