Custom Joomla Template

Are you looking for a custom Joomla template for your website?

  • 100% bespoke Joomla template - get a custom look and feel
  • Can be designed to match your existing website
  • Template can be designed from a photo, graphic design or from scratch

Then the good news is, as the Joomla CMS separates content from the design, we can create a professional Joomla template to a custom design of your choice.

We can also design your Joomla template based on your current site or even a mock up design done by a graphic designer.

Our templates are designed so your Joomla website will load fast, be search engine friendly and will allow for expansion of new features. Using a combination of Dreamweaver to create the CSS style sheet, Photoshop to create the graphical elements and our collection of stock (royalty free) photos we can create the unique website you require.

PSD to Joomla Template

If you already have a graphic design for your Joomla website then we can convert your PSD, HTML or JPG to a Joomla template with valid CSS XHTML code. Your new template would be tested for cross browser compatibility and we can even install it for you to.
All you need to do is send us the design via email and we will get to work.

What is included?

  • Custom design - We can match your company logo and/or colour
  • Custom layout - Your Joomla template can be made to your custom requirements
  • Installation and configuration on your hosting package

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